Garden of the Orbs

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The Seattle Center inspired Orb Gardens

Kathryn ault noble screen shot 2019 09 07 at 10 57 49 pm

Orb Trees! I won an Eberhard Faber contest in college with my orb tree illustration and decided to revisit the idea.

Kathryn ault noble screen shot 2019 09 07 at 10 58 31 pm

Noodled Textures. I enjoy getting lost in Photoshop with my stylus and Wacom tablet, just noodling textures for hours.

Kathryn ault noble screen shot 2019 09 07 at 10 59 18 pm

Glowing Orb Pools. Inspired by swimming pools at night. Floating Japanese Glass Balls landing along the Washington Coast, the stonework of ancient Scotland.

Kathryn ault noble sketchedships002

Sketched on Paper from a Blender created Ship

Kathryn ault noble sketches2346 crop2

Artgraf Liquid Graphite Base. Brushed onto HP Lanaquerelle watercolor paper with a large mop brush. Worked into with graphite pencils.

Inspired by years visiting and working close to the Seattle Center area, from the Space Needle, to the Pacific Science Centerand it's dinosaurs, the undulating Frank Gehry designed Pop Culture Museum (formerly known as the Experience Music Project), the Monorail, and Dale Chihuly's floating glass orbs at the Garden and Glass. . . all nestled along the edge of Puget Sound. My home. Although I did not realize it when I started this piece it soon became apparent so many of my favorite memories of that area were all represented. Even the Seattle Aerospace Museum! The small character represents myself, a passionate gardener, faithfully tending the young orbs which are sentient and love to power her spaceship in return for her care. I guess you could call this my happy place!

September 8, 2019